Labour Contract, Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Check and Print Online on

Labor contract is the official agreement between employer and employee while being hired to a company, clause  could be different as per the geographic location, country laws and also based on other factors.

In United Arab Emirates, if you would like to check any of the below services (Employer or Employee), Ministry of Labour‘s website provides “eServices” to make it easy for you.

  • Application Status
  • Work Permit Status
  • Company Information
  • Salary Certificate
  • Mission Work Permit
  • Work Permit Information Status for MOI
  • Work Permit Receipt
  • General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs Establishment Link Status
  • E-Quota Status
  • Labourcard Information
  • E-Abscond Approval
  • Bank Guarantee Detail
  • Pending payment
  • License Certificate for Private Employment Agencies (View Rules)
  • Bank Guarantee Refund Approval Receipt
  • Fine Calculator
  • Fees Information
  • Cancellation Transaction Enquiry
  • PRO Approval Receipt
  • Print Labour card/ Labour Contract
  • Contract Registration Receipt

Here are the steps to check and print official Labour card / Labour Contract online using Ministry of Labour (MOL) website:

1) Open up the link
2) Click on “eServices” and then on “Enquiry Services”

3) Click on “Print Labour card/ Labour Contract” and fill in the form

4) Submit the form and print or cancel printing to see the full Labour contract/ Labour card

Note: you might get popup block information from browser address bar, if you do follow the snapshot below:

Please share with others so they can benefit from it too. Thanks

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